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Phases of Development Phase I: The Dream Phase II: Feasibility Study Phase III: Master Planning Phase IV: Design Development Phase V: Construction Documents Phase VI: Bidding/Negotiation Phase VII: Construction Services Phase VIII: Grand Opening

Where do I begin?

Since 1991, Ramaker & Associates has been a leader in the Aquatics Industry. As a full service company, our team is proficient in all phases of the design process. With creative ideas and decades of experience, we skillfully collaborate with you to achieve a design that reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations.

These eight phases will guide you from your initial dream to the grand opening of your successful waterpark or aquatic facility.

Phase I

The Dream
Phase II

Feasibility Study
Phase III

Master Planning
Phase IV

Design Development
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Phase V

Construction Documents
Phase VI

Bidding/ Negotiation
Phase VII

Construction Services
Phase VIII

Grand Opening

PHASE I: The Dream
You want to build a waterpark. You think it's a great idea but how do you go about pursuing this waterpark dream without people thinking you're all wet? You can learn from the experts in the industry.
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PHASE II: Feasibility Study
The feasibility study provides an economic and business analysis as well as a guideline for design. Our designers will focus on the target market outlined in the study and design your facility to match accordingly. It is a very crucial starting point to building your park.

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PHASE III: Master Planning
The master plan provides a layout of the waterpark size and features. It also reveals how the waterpark integrates with the overall scheme of the development, whether it is a resort, hotel, YMCA or community pool. It is imperative to bring in the entire team at this stage so that planning, budgeting, and scheduling can be addressed.

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PHASE IV: Design Development
You’ll work closely with the design team during this stage to take the master plan a step further with defining the waterpark construction materials, features and theming.

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PHASE V: Construction Documents

Developed in this stage are the working documents that the consultants and contractors need to make the vision a reality. These documents address code requirements and specifications and are ready for permitting and construction.

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PHASE VI: Bidding/Negotiation

Once plans are in place, the next step is to negotiate the contract for construction or bid the project to several contractors. When the numbers are in we assist the client with deciding which contractor is best suited based on price, quality and experience.

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PHASE VII: Construction Services

Progress always seems slow at first, but then you quickly see it all coming together. Solid construction management improves the work flow to meet construction milestones and substantial completion.

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PHASE VIII: Grand Opening

The realization of the dream! First impressions are extremely important and your grand opening is a perfect opportunity to showcase this dream facility. The integrity of the development team assures that there will be many successful days beyond the first.

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